Sorry, Mr. Green, I’ve swapped you for Mr. Afremov! ☺

Enjoying art without a magnifying glass

I speak a lot with Mr. Green. I like to watch him painting but when he notices it, he asks not to breathe down his neck. Are all the old men so grouchy? ☺ Anyway, I’ve figured out a way to enjoy the artist’s work without disturbing him – online video lessons. They’re great because I can stop the video whenever I need and try to repeat after the painter. One of the people I’d love to learn from is Leonid Afremov. He creates his oil canvases so quickly! Leonid knows exactly what color to pick next, so it takes him a few seconds to make a new palette knife stroke on the surface. Afremov doesn’t spare paint and applies it thickly, achieving the effect of volume. As a result, the image seems realistic to a viewer. Look at the work named Cold feeling’ link:. Each stroke of the painting is visible to the naked eye. If you maximize the picture right on your computer screen, you’ll be able to see the smallest detail of it:

  • Leaves, branches and trunks of the autumn trees.
  • The elegant design of the forged streetlamp, depicted by Leonid in the foreground.
  • Window panes and the red roof of the building.
  • Three silhouettes of people strolling along the city alley.
  • Multicolored scenery, reflected in the puddles which had formed during the recent rain.

Leave your coat at home

I wonder why Leonid gave such a name to his piece of art. Maybe those blue and white strokes in the sky are snow? If so, then everything’s getting clear. Of course, it’s cold in late autumn! We reluctantly take our warm clothes out of the wardrobe and dream of the sun which will return well-rested and refreshed only in spring. But despite a familiar depression that the season causes, Afremov’s fall brings delight and joy to your heart. All because of the bright color palette used by the artist: yellow and orange hues, primarily associated with light, make up half of the work. Another thing that doesn’t let you have acold feeling in chestis the romantic message of the canvas – a couple of young people walking at dusk. When you share one of the happy moments of life with someone you love, you’re so lucky!

I’ve seen many paintings by Leonid and can say for sure that all of them are amazing! Visit his online gallery and become the witness of beauty! Haven’t I persuaded you yet? And if I say please? ☺ Please, don’t deprive yourself of the possibility to dive into the world of incredible art by Leonid Afremov!


Never leave your back door open!

When we celebrated the first anniversary of the club, David brought an enormous cake. It smelled so delicious that we couldn’t wait for the moment of cutting it. The top of the cake was decorated with eatable flowers, kind of these ones, so it looked both tasty and beautiful! We left the masterpiece in the kitchen and came back to the living room as someone was giving a toast. I wish I’d missed the speech by tipsy Stanley! When I entered the kitchen again, there was no trace of the cake left on the table. I checked the fridge but with no luck, just like boom, gone. Strange sounds from the outside attracted my attention. Having opened the back door I saw a pony standing next to the house and chewing something yellow – sugar flowers from the cake. Our cake! At first I got angry ’cause Sweet Tooth Nancy had never lost the battle so easily. But then I realized how cute that scene was and let it go. The others nearly died with laughter when they found out what had happened to the dessert. It’s good that my freezer’s always full of ice-cream so we still received a dose of carbohydrates that evening!


Come in, we don’t bite ☺

Do you know the lines ’If you’re going to San Francisco, you’re gonna meet some gentle people there’? It’s true ’cause our citizens are very polite and hospitable! ☺ Hi, everyone! I’m Nancy and I adore receiving foreign visitors. The aim of such gatherings is to get acquainted, of course, and to reveal your hidden talents. Yeah, you won’t be shy anymore after my super therapy! We’ve been practicing the meetings of the gifted for 2 years and the results are visible. Even the verses that I write have become better ’cause I don’t want to be ashamed of something I present to the public. Other members of the club perform songs, dance, tell anecdotes, do card tricks or just share their best/worst impressions of the day. Mr. Green is the coolest among us: the man has lost both of his arms in a car accident but paints with his feet! I admire him!!